Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Tipster

I saw this thread from Troy Renck, the national baseball writer for the Denver Post, on Friday:

Since I kind of pay attention to baseball stuff, I chimed in and Troy was good enough to respond:

Here's a link to the scheduling note I mentioned above.

As I anticipated, the tidbit showed up in the Baseball Briefs section of yesterday's Denver Post:

It's really nice that Tory publicly acknowledged my help. I've come to respect and appreciate him as one of the few in Denver baseball media that has a clue. But it's also a little disappointing that the preliminary schedule was distributed to all 30 teams seven weeks ago, and the national baseball writer for the Denver paper-of-record apparently wasn't privy.

I'm fond of saying that Denver will be a bush league baseball town as long as we have bush league baseball media. I'm not calling Troy bush, but it's something that I would expect him to be all over. Maybe I'm just spoiled from all of those years in Boston, where baseball is a religion, and the Boston Globe is the bible.

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