Monday, January 9, 2012

You Saw It Here First

When I was at Coors Field for my TV commercial audition on Saturday, I got to longingly gaze over the field. Of course, I checked on my seat.

I noticed what I believe to be a new addition to the ballpark: The 485 feet line.

I think it's more of an advertising eye-grabber than anything, because it's atop the employee's stairwell, where they plop a current model truck every year.

Not only is it 485 feet from home plate (if the sign is to be believed) it's also, by my crude calculation, 80 to 100 or so feet higher than the playing surface. Any ball that clears the line would have to be hit well over 500 feet.

I think I've seen some batting practice balls hit up there, and pretty sure I've seen some bounce up to the roof. I'm not holding my breath waiting to see one hit over during a game.

It was fun to be at the park, and to spot something new. Is it spring yet?

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At January 22, 2012 at 9:11 AM, Blogger Douglas T. Dinsmoor said...

So, my friend Geoff told me yesterday at RockiesFest that the 485 feet sign has been there for at least a year, maybe two.

Yeesh! I'm usually pretty observant.

I don't get that view of the ballpark that often, and during the season, there's a pickup truck plopped in front of the sign. No excuses, however.

Maybe I should change the entry of this post to "I Saw It Here First."



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