Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dibble Drivel

If Brendan Donnelly is going to get a 10-game suspension for having a little pine tar in his glove... Listen, when I played, everybody was cheating. That's the great part about baseball -- everybody is trying to get an edge.

These words of wisdom come from knuckle-dragger Rob Dibble on Best Damn Sports Show Period.

First, it's not even a mediocre sports show, as the addition of Dibble only proves. I listened to him for a couple of years on The Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio, and he said some of the stupidest things to go out over the airwaves, both about baseball and life in general -- he didn't know the difference between Herbert Hoover and J. Edgar Hoover! ESPN didn't renew his contract, and the show (and Baseball Tonight) are much better for it.

Maybe a lot of guys cheat. Maybe it was more when Dibble played (remember, his Cinci team was managed by Pete Rose.) But even if anyone is/was cheating, that is definitely not the great part about baseball. That's the awful part about baseball. I'd just as soon believe that most players are relatively honest, however naive that may be.

Any time anyone challenged Dibble's positions on sports, he'd simply snort, "I played and you didn't." Yeah, well you cheated and I didn't. Crawl back into your cave, Dibble.

©2005 Douglas T. Dinsmoor


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